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Water: Nature’s Moisturizer!

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Thousands have lived without love, not one without water. — W. H. Auden

You may have been told sometime in your life that you should drink up to 8 glasses of water a day. To some girls, that seems nearly impossible.

The benefits of drinking water are great, but my favorite is how soft my skin feels when I am fully hydrated, it actually glistens!

Here are a few tips on how you can get more water into your body:

  • Treat yourself to a special travelling cold cup or bottle that you love. I recently bought one from Caribou Coffee that says “Life is Diving in Heart First” on front and has a picture of two young boys jumping off a dock into a lake.
  • Make sure you fill your cup with the freshest water you can find. (If the water tastes bad you probably won’t want to really drink it.) I have a water filter on my refrigerator dispenser, and also use a PUR 5-cup water filter pitcher.
  • Add some healthy flavorings to your drink if you are not excited about the taste of plain water. I will add a splash of lemon or fruit juice to my drink or mix up a batch of my MegaHealthyWater.
  • Sip, not gulp, your drink. Sipping allows you to better enjoy the taste and cooling effects of the water.
  • Pace yourself. Have you even seen a plant that has not been watered (leaves are drooping) or watered too much (yellow leaves)? Imagine that your body is a plant and your job is to determine the exact amount of water needed to keep it lush and healthy. Your body will enjoy having water continuously throughout the day and will reap the benefits of being “super-hydrated”.
  • Check your urine. If it runs clear-colored (not yellow), you are on the way to becoming super-hydrated.
  • Notice how different you feel when you are super-hydrated. Does your skin glisten and feel heavenly to the touch? Do you have more energy? Do you think more clearly? Do your joints ache less? Do you feel healthier? Are you happier?

In terms of healthy priorities, I would put drinking water on the TOP of the list!

Q: What are the ways you help yourself drink more water throughout each and every day?

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